2012-09-26 – 2012-09-28
6th Summer School Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Regensburg, Germany (conferences)

2012-09-24 – 2012-09-25
Fifth SFB Symposium “Transmembrane Transporters in Health and Disease", Vienna, Austria (conferences)

2012-09-13 – 2012-09-15
The 5th Conversatory of Medicinal Chemistry in Lublin, Poland (conferences)

2012-05-30 – 2012-06-02
VIII The Seventh Multidisciplinary Conference on Drug Research, Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland (conferences)

2012-03-18 – 2012-03-23
The 14th Frühjahrssymposium, Rostock, Germany (gallery) (conferences)

Visit of the PNRF Board at the Institute of Pharmacology (gallery)

2011-10-19 – 2011-10-21
Schrödinger 11th Annual European User Group Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark (conferences)

Visit of the PNRF Board at the Institute of Pharmacology (gallery)

2011-10-04 – 2011-10-05
The Modern Techniques for Drug Design Purposes, Warsaw, Poland (gallery) (conferences)

Mini-symposium summarizing results of the Project (gallery) (conferences)

2011-09-21 – 2011-09-25
4th International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry, St. Petersburg, Russia (gallery) (conferences)

Mari Garbielsen Ph.D. thesis defense. Structure, function and inhibition of the serotonin transporter studied by molecular docking, dynamics and virtual screening. University of Tromsø, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Medical Biology (gallery)

2011-09-08 – 2011-09-11
The 4th Conversatory of Medicinal Chemistry in Lublin, Poland (gallery) (conferences)

2011-09-05 – 2011-09-09
2nd Congress of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Kraków, Poland (conferences)

2011-06-29 – 2011-07-02
VII Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Catania, Italy (gallery) (conferences)

Lecture of Andrzej Bojarski titled “In silico and in vitro screening platform in search of new psychotropic agents” on Department of Medicinal Chemistry Faculty of Pharmacy University of Bari, Italy (presentations)

2011-06-05 – 2011-06-09
9th International Conference on Chemical Structures, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands (gallery) (conferences)

2010-10-24 – 2010-10-25
The fourth Meeting of the Steering Committee, Tromsø, Norway (gallery) (conferences)

Walk the Grants, Warsaw, Poland (gallery)

2011-05-24 – 2011-05-29
Visit of prof. Kurt Kristiansen to IP-PAS (Kraków)

2011-05-22 – 2011-05-25
The Twentieth Days of Neuropsychopharmacology, Ustroń-Jaszowiec, Poland (conferences)

2011-05-15 – 2011-05-19
29th Informal Meeting on Mass Spectrometry, Primiero, Italy (gallery) (conferences)

2011-05-11 – 2011-05-12
BioForum2011 – the biggest and the most important international event for biotechnology in the region of Central Europe, Lódź, Poland (gallery) (conferences)

2011-04-13 – 2011-04-17
Spring Congress of Polish Chemical Society Student Section, Murzasichle, Poland (gallery) (conferences)

Invited lecture of Andrzej Bojarski titled “Academia Screening Platform – searching for new ligands of CNS receptors” on Kraków branch meeting of the Polish Chemical Society, Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland (presentations)

“In silico drug design” an article by Rafał Kurczab published in the journal Przemysł Farmacuetyczny

2011-03-18 – 2011-03-20
Lecture of Rafał Kurczab titled: “How to find a needle in a haystack? Application of in silico methods in the search for new drugs” on the First Student Conference Math Info Bio – Numbers-Science-Life, Kraków, Poland (gallery) (conferences)

2011-02-27 – 2011-02-28
Science-Mine, The First Polish-French Student Conference, Salt Mine, Bochnia, Poland (gallery) (conferences)

2010-10-24 – 2010-10-25
The third Meeting of the Steering Committee was held at NMI in Warsaw (see gallery)

2010-09-12 – 2010-09-19
Visit of Małgorzata Jarończyk to Tromsø (see gallery)

2010-05-17 – 2010-05-28
The second visit of Mari Gabrielsen to Kraków (see gallery)

Presentation of the Project’s screening program on a session of
the Committee for Synthesis and Design of New Drugs at Committee
on Science about Drug of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.
(see gallery)

2010-05-09 – 2010-05-12
The Seventh Multidisciplinary Conference on Drug Research,
Zakopane, Poland (see gallery)

2010-05-05 – 2010-05-07
Dr Franciszek Pluciński’s visit to Institute of Pharmacology
PAS in Kraków (see gallery)

2010-05-03 – 2010-05-09
Prof. Kurt Kristiansen’s visit to Institute of Pharmacology
PAS in Kraków (see gallery)

Invited lecture of Rafał Kurczab on ICM-HPC Report and Workshop
User Group Meeting in Goniądz, Poland. (see gallery)

2010-03-18 – 2010-03-26
Visit of Stefan Mordalski and Rafal Kurczab to Tromsø (see gallery)

Prof. Andrzej Pilc’s lecture at the Centre of Molecular and Macromolecular
Studies Polish Academy of Sciences in Łódź (see gallery)

2010-03-01 – 2010-03-03
The second meeting of the Steering Committee, Tormsø (see gallery)

The organizational meeting of scientists from IP PAS (see gallery)

Mari's seminar at National Medicines Institute

2009-11-20 – 2009-11-24
visit of Mari Gabrielesen to Warsaw

2009-11-18 – 2009-11-20
visit of Andrzej Mazurek to Kraków (see gallery)

Mari's seminar at Institute of Pharmacology (see gallery)

2009-11-03 – 2009-11-27
visit of Mari Gabrielesen to Kraków (see gallery)

lecture of prof. Chilmonczyk on II Conversatory of Medicinal Chemistry - Lublin (see gallery)

2009-08-30 – 2009-09-02
visit of prof. Sylte, and the first meeting of the Steering Committee (see gallery)

Financial Agreement between the Fund Operator and the Institute of Pharmacology was signed

letter from the Fund Operator with information about approval of project financing

as a result of evaluation process, Project was put on a waiting list

submission of a Project

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