The project entitled: Creating an academia-based platform to discover substances acting on serotonergic or glutamatergic systems as potential new antidepressant or anxiolytic drugs is supported by the grant PNRF-103-AI-1/07 from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism within the Polish-Norwegian Research Fund.

The Project is carried out as a Consortium and involves three partners: the Institute of Pharmacology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków; the Institute of Medical Biology, the Faculty of Health Science of the University of Tromsø; and the National Medicines Institute in Warsaw.

Start date: 2009-07-14
End date: 2011-06-30

Main objective of the Project is to create an academia-based platform for discovering new antidepressant and/or anxiolytic agents with a shorter onset of action and fewer adverse effects. We focus on serotonergic and glutamatergic systems which are recognized as important in antidepressant/anxiolytic mechanism of action. more

Invitation to participate in the screening program:
One of the keys to hit identification (potential new drugs) is the chemical diversity of evaluated compounds. To this end we have initiated an extensive screening program aimed at research institutes in Poland and Norway, in which we offer a free testing of compounds. more

Project PNRF –103–AI-1/07 is supported by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism within Polish-Norwegian Research Fund
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