The closing conference of Polish-Norwegian Research Fund (2012-02-01)

The 14th Frühjahrssymposium, Rostock, Germany (2012-03-18 – 2012-03-23) (conferences)

Visit of the PNRF Board at the Institute of Pharmacology (2011-10-13)

The Modern Techniques for Drug Design Purposes, Warsaw, Poland (2011-10-04 – 2011-10-05) (conferences)

Mini-symposium summarizing results of the Project (2011-09-23) (conferences)

VII Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Catania, Italy (2011-06-29 – 2011-07-02) (conferences)

9th International Conference on Chemical Structures, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands (2011-06-05 – 2011-06-09) (conferences)

The fourth Meeting of the Steering Committee, Tromsø, Norway (2011-06-03 – 2011-06-05)

Walk the Grants, Warsaw, Poland (2011-05-30)

BioForum2011, Lódź, Poland (2011-05-11 – 2011-05-12) (conferences)

Spring Congress of Polish Chemical Society Student Section, Murzasichle, Poland (2011-04-13 – 2011-04-17)(conferences)

Lecture of Rafał Kurczab on the First Student Conference Math Info Bio – Numbers-Science-Life, Kraków, Poland (2011-03-18 – 2011-03-20) (conferences)

Science-Mine, The First Polish-French Student Conference, Salt Mine, Bochnia, Poland (2011-02-27 – 2011-02-28) (conferences)

GPCR Workshop 2010, Honolulu, Hawaii (2010-12-07 – 2010-12-10)

Visit of prof. Kurt Kristiansen to NMI (Warsaw) and IP-PAS (Kraków) (2010-12-06 – 2010-12-14)

Invited lecture of Rafał Kurczab on Faculty of Pharmacy, Poznan University of Medical Sciences (2010-12-06)

Invited lecture of Andrzej Bojarski on Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University of Łodź (2010-12-06)

Working visit of Małgorzata Jarończyk to Tromsø (2010-12-01 – 2010-12-11)

Visit of young researchers from IP-PAS to Tromsø (2010-11-14 – 2010-11-30)

23rd Polish School of Chemistry, Jastrzębia Góra, Poland (2010-11-10 – 2010-11-14)

6th German Conference on Chemoinformatics, Goslar, Germany (2010-11-07 – 2010-11-09)

Working visit of Mari Gabrielsen to Kraków and Warsaw (2010-11-01 – 2010-11-14)

The third Meeting of the Steering Committee, National Medicines Institute, Warsaw (2010-10-24 – 2010-10-25)

The second visit of Mari Gabrielsen to Kraków (2010-05-17 – 2010-05-28)

Andrzej Bojarski presenting the Project on a session of the Committee for Synthesis and Design of New Drugs at Committee on Science about Drug of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (2010-05-26)

The Seventh Multidisciplinary Conference on Drug Research, Zakopane, Poland (2010-05-09 – 2010-05-12)

Visit of prof. Kurt Kristiansen and dr Franciszek Pluciński to Institute of Pharmacology PAS in Kraków
(2010-05-03 – 2010-05-09)

Invited lecture of Rafał Kurczab on ICM-HPC Report and Workshop User Group Meeting in Goniądz, Poland (2010-04-14)

Short visit of Stefan Mordalski and Rafal Kurczab to Tromsø (2010-03-18 - 2010-03-26)

Stefan Mordalski's talk on homology modeling of mGlu2 receptorRafał Kurczab's seminar on virtual screening in drug designMari and Rafał working on SERT inhibitorsStefan and Aina modeling mGlu receptors

Consultation with Prof. DahlGroup photoEarly Spring in TromsoEarly Spring in Tromso

Prof. Andrzej Pilc’s lecture at the Centre of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies Polish Academy of Sciences
in Łódź. (2010-03-09)

The second meeting of the Steering Committee, Tormsø (2010-03-01 - 2010-03-03)

The organizational meeting of scientists from IP PAS (2010-01-12)

Andrzej Mazurek's visit to Kraków (2009-11-18 - 2009-11-20)

Mari Gabrielsen's visit to Kraków (2009-11-03 - 2009-11-27)

Prof. Chilmonczyk’s lecture in Lublin (2009-09-09)

The first meeting of the Steering Committee, Kraków (2009-08-30 - 2009-09-02)

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